Yearn AMA Recap: Feb. 3, 2021

The Yearn team hosted an AMA on Feb. 3, 2021 with two-time special guest, Tascha, from Alpha Finance Lab. Questions were asked in the Discord.

virtuosity, AMA host:


Do you have any estimates on the amount of interest YFI holders may receive? I know it’s based on supply and demand, but any estimates you can share?

Is Alpha Homora v2 using Iron Bank?

“Farmed tokens (e.g. SUSHI) will not be reinvested, but claimable on Alpha Homora V2 frontend.” Instead of doing this, does it make sense to use the farmed tokens to buy back the original asset deposited in the pool?

Do you have any boost to farm CRV for users?

Any plans on more usage for the ALPHA token?

Do you view Yearn more as a competitor or collaborator?

What’s the collaboration like between protocols, are there weekly/monthly syncs? Do you share dev resources?

Can we have a dashboard (by cream or alpha or yearn) indicating how much has been borrowed via iron bank?

Can you explain liquidators role and process in V2? Do they require to cover overdrafts of borrowers? Ty

How much of the lending / borrowing is from Iron Bank?

I’ve read that Andre has taken Alpha Homora as inspiration for the Yearn IL solution (sil v2?) — could you share more light on that? Where exactly he got this inspiration from and when Alpha Finance will launch their IL hedge solution and how does it look like on a high level?

In general, how do you view/mitigate the risk of DeFi legos? That is, if for example, an exploit were to happen on pool collateral, it would cause a large chain of liquidations and/or depegging.

Do you plan on adding additional farms?

virtuosity, AMA host:

Could you please make clearer the APY and perhaps include the APY provided by CRV as liquidity provider?

Do you expect DAI vault v2 to have better performance than v1?

Any timeline for WETH v2 and will the WETH v1 move to the same fee structure as v2 vaults?

What happened to the Yearn Academy (smart contracts audit…)?

Is Yearn working on any layer 2 implementations?

When will there be governance staking?

How will Pickle be used in the Yearn ecosystem?

How does Yearn collaborate with other protocols in it’s ecosystem?

Still confused about the relationship between the different protocols, is there any full explanation?

Any idea on when Dill/Pickle rewards and integration will be expected?

If I am in the aLink vault, and a 2.0 LINK vault comes out, will it automatically roll over into the v2?

Hey guys, any plan on merging v1 and v2 websites? For instance, /lending is a fairly new product but only accessible via v1 website.

I’m curious about these BTC vaults. I remember back when there was about 4 vaults. I had the impression that each vault would be the best way a particular asset could be used. So to that end, why are there 6 BTC vaults and not 1 that aggregates the best place to put BTC at any given time. Like the DAI vault, I put DAI great. Theres a bunch of different curve stable vaults. Why isn’t there just the underlying stable vaults, USDC and TUSD etc.

virtuosity, AMA host:

Thanks to everyone who asked questions! Make sure to get involved in the community on the governance forum and Discord.

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