Yearn AMA Recap: Nov. 27

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The Yearn team hosted an AMA on Nov. 27, 2020 with special guest, Tascha, from Alpha Finance Lab. Questions were asked in the Discord.

Tascha, Alpha Finance Lab:

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Will Alpha and Yearn “Merge”?

Do you sell the YFI for ETH?

Hey Tascha, how likely are people to get liquidated? Is the risk increase linear or not depending on the “boost”?

Tascha, What do you have in mind with Yearn? How can you help yearn with Alpha knowledge or products and how will it benefit AlphaFinance?

What are the plans for Cream Finance?

Given ALPHA LP mining has significant Impermanent Loss risks and liquidation risks, how will Yearn help mitigate those risks since YFI vaults are more risk adverse?

Tbh I am really surprised that Andre approves something that involves leverage. Both ETH and YFI are quite volatile assets. Appreciate any elucidation on this :)

Are you in regular contact with Andre or the Yearn Core team and how do you feel about Yearn’s success so far + getting a huge amount of ETH from the Yearn deployer (kp3r treasury) deposited into homora? Proud getting this much recognition at such an early phase?

Where do you see the being sponsored by a big bank in Asia taking you?

When will Yearn v2 launch and what role will Alpha have in it?

So if you have 2x the booster you have 2x the risk?

What are the differences between Yearn vaults 2.0 + Cream vs Alpha?

To mitigate risks of leveraged yield farming are there any plans to let people hedge it on alpha homora itself or via a partnership with another protocol?

Yearn team: Everyone, we will shift now to Yearn specific questions. Tascha will still be around, and if there is still significant interest, at the end of the AMA she can cover additional questions.

If Alpha sells provided YFI for ETH, won’t that lower the price of YFI? And how is this different from providing liquidity to Aave?

Hey, given these volatile and busy time, how’s the team been feeling these past few weeks? Is sleep on the table?

Would be any relationship between v2 and Deriswap? Some of their functions are similar as described.

Do you plan to implement charts which would show APY over time for each of the vaults? Would be helpful to have a wider picture before deciding in which vault to invest?

What is ETA on Vaults 2.0?

Hi guys, thanks for doing these AMAs. Can you provide a little more background on how the $PICKLE and $CREAM announcements came about? What went into the discussions? Who initially started the discussions about these collaborations? Etc.

I‘m interested whether Yearn has any plans for the $PICKLE token, it looks like the token has lost its purpose after the Yearn-Pickle merger.

Are there any updates on the new UI development?

Would like some clarity on price oracles, defi oracle exploits has caused loss of user funds, how does yearn plan to address this attack vector?

Thanks to everyone who asked questions! Make sure to get involved in the community on the governance forum and Discord.

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